Thursday, January 17, 2013

Wanted: Kitchen Help

           My winter project is well under way in my mind, but I'm having a hard time deciding on what I really want and what I'd like to have! I'd LOVE to repaint the cupboards, they are pretty worn but they are stained, real wood and overall, great cabinets, but the hard part going this way, would be the material used around the cabinets, not sure what it is or if it would even take paint? So, this leaves me to think maybe I should just re- stain them? But I really want a colored cabinet? See my dilemma?

        Now, onto the back splash, I wallpapered it before we moved in, along with painting the walls, which need a update too. Hard to tell, but the wallpaper is gingham checks in a brick red. I'm keeping red as one of the main colors but would love to paint the tan walls something fresh and country?

           I also have this one wall painted brick red that may get wallpapered along with the back splash? And a new boarder to boot, a cheap makeover that should perk up this much used and worn room. What do you all think? I did see a old barn wood pattern at the wallpaper store, I'd love to go barn style with a chicken accent? lol  The kitchen is open to the dining and living rooms so I can't go too crazy, darn!! Any ideas?


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