Sunday, January 20, 2013

Free Plants & Food!

              You know me, I'm all about the three R's: recyle, restore and reshare! lol  So, when I spied this dandy tip last week on Facebook, I just had to share with you, because one of my favorite country pleasures is gardening, and anytime I can find or make free plants, I'm in!! This article came from a FB page called " The Healthy Hybrid" and I have the green onions sitting on my kitchen window sill, and it really works!! I started with organic green onions, trimmed the tops and used them in a meal, then placed the bunch in a vase with water just covering the roots. I do change the water every other day and it's amazing how quick these onions grow back after snipping them for a recipe or meal. Next to try is the ginger! Less than 60 days now till spring!!! I'm ready!!


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