Easter Lily Rx

After the Easter celebration has passed, but before the Easter lily fades, use this holy flower for many medicinal purposes. Once called the "white robed apostle of hope" lilies were found growing wild in the garden of Gethseman after Christ's agony. The beautiful white lilies appeared where ever drops of Christ's sweat fell to the ground in his final hours.

The traditional art of drawing out the flower spirit and brewing it into a natural remedy is how flower essences heal; not to be confused with essential oils.
An essence is the concentrated energy of the plant. A simple way to make this magical potion is the sun infusion method developed by the famous Dr.Bach. Place a clean glass pan on the grass in the early morning hours. Pour spring water to cover the bottom. Place 3 Easter lily flowers in the pan. Allow this to soak up the suns rays for at least 4 to 5 hours.
What happens next is truly amazing, the flowers energy is baked into the liquid, preserving the plants personality and transforms it's self in the essence.
When this bottled essence is combined with our own inner energy field, it causes a change in our system. Easter lily essence works to control the tension between our sexuality and spirituality.
Every flower that becomes an essence has it's own healing lessons to teach our inner selves. Balance is the key to a healthy soul. The Easter lily also has a strong connection to our female reproductive system and is a powerful detoxifier of the female organs. It has been noted to be a treatment for ovarian cysts. Plus it makes a sweet smelling antiseptic.

Lilies of all species serve us in many ways, and should be valued but researched well before using in any manner. The Easter lily is a sacred flower, a gift to serve many spiritual needs.
A kin to garlic and onions, lilies healing agents is in its antimicrobial oil, which makes a soothing lily tincture. Perfect for removing splinters.

To make you own lily tincture, was a handful of lily petals in warm water, pat completely dry. Gently tear apart the petals by hand and cover completely with rubbing alcohol in a glass bottle. Allow to sit for 2 weeks. Strain the liquid into a clean spray bottle and use on cuts and splinters.

So many of our medicines are already made from plants that we often forget that the cure might just be right in our gardens or on the window sill. Trusting the green world to treat our illnesses or everyday cuts and sprains is easy, so why not turn back to the old ways, you have nothing to lose and only knowledge to gain.

Easter lilies make wonderful gifts for the holy holiday but don't let them wilt away before making your own heavenly potions.

Copyright 2002 Sue Neitzel


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