Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Bloggers, this is the reason I'm going grey! I used to blame the kids, but since they all have grown and gone, hubby is top dog! I was so nervous here, not sure why I ran and got the camera, evidence maybe? He wanted to hang the swing in time for a family birthday gathering and wouldn't wait for the boys to help. Why must men try to do it all alone? I still can't believe he put the latter in the back of his truck and climbed up, he did get the swing hung and the kids enjoyed it, but still? Men!
We've been having the most perfect weather here since Saturday and it's suppose to continue all week, perfect meaning the windows can stay open, no heat or a/c and there is a nip in the air in the mornings, making coffee time even better! I've got the blue jays spoiled on peanuts, I place a few on the deck railing in the morning and in just minutes they are all gone. The blue jays swoop down, squawk for more and now it's become a morning ritual. I enjoy it as much as they do and I hope to catch one on camera. My dad who lived in California used to feed them too, out of his hand. I don't know if I'll get that brave but the love of birds has been passed down.
Just a reminder, you have till Friday to get signed for my followers giveaway, scroll down to that post and leave a comment, the odds are good with only 19 signing in so far. It's been a busy time here, work has picked up, my back is feeling alot better (thanks to all for the well wishes) and I'm trying to catch up outside in the yard and gardens. Life is good, treasure each day!


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