Friday, May 15, 2009

Ramblings & Roses

After much rain the wild roses are in full bloom, rambling over fences here at Hilltop Haven. We've almost been here a year next month, always finding new treasures. White iris, rambling roses and wild flowers, native and neat. I thought I'd use this post to catch up, ramble a bit. I finally got DSL yesterday, it's amazing and I'm spoiled already. It was feared at first that the trees were too thick to get the signal, and I wasn't about to forsake the trees for speed but they came back out yesterday after installing another antenna and got me hooked up! I can now visit you all in style!

Back to all the rain and yes severe storms too, one after another marking another record wet spring. Our raised beds are still sitting empty, the truck load of topsoil has not had a chance to dry out so we can shovel it into the beds. I did mange to get some flowers planted after weeding old beds in front of the house. And I've planted a small rose garden in honor of my Dad who loved roses and passed that love onto me! Then I did a stupid thing and tried to lift some wet bags of soil, and I wrenched my back pretty good. No more gung-ho gardening for me!

Don't forget to get signed up for my followers giveaway, if you are a faithful fan and are on my list to the right, just leave a comment to say hi and your in! The deadline is a week away, May 22. Well, I'm off, we woke up to no hot water so I need to call the gas company so they can check it out, at least I'm not in hot water, just out of it! lol Enjoy this May weekend and all the ramblings you can handle!


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