Sunday, March 29, 2009

$5 Door

I did it again! I found something useful at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore for a steal. I feel in love with this old black screen door, in very good shape too, for only $5. My mind was in high gear trying to figure out how I could use it? This is what I ended up with, a new entrance to my craft room, one that will allow the dog to see out when he's rushed in there when company comes or to keep the grandkids out when I have a project laid out. And it matches the decor in the living room that it faces. I couldn't believe my luck! Hubby asked if I was going to paint it, "No way" I said, that's the prim look I'm after! He's getting used to my ideas and even helped me hang it. All it needs now is a plaque that reads "Studio Sue" or something along that line, you get the picture! Stay tuned, photos of my bedroom coming to a screen near you, tomorrow! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, as I am!


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