Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Free to Fab!

          Blogging has been slow, taking a back seat to life and a new project, so sit back and check out my new prop for my photo shoots! Found on a freebie site on Facebook, I was first to snag this free chair, it's sturdy, somewhat clean and would look great in a field of flowers for a photo shoot, or in front of a barn. The ideas ran through my head as I headed to town to pick it up! After inspecting it closer, the bottom seat was iffy, so my handyman hubby made me a new one. I had 4 different fabrics in mind for the seat cover but went with the heaviest one, to hold up longer. Then the fun began finding the perfect trim, I had it all along in my stash, along with the fabric. All I had to buy was a small can of paint and stuffing, I spent less than $10 on it.
   And I love how it turned out! But then, another idea ran through my already crowded mind, have my handyman make another seat so I can change them out, he's in the process and probably hopes I don't find anymore freebies/projects for awhile! He's a good sport though and I couldn't do it all without him! By the way, yes I spray painted the back cushion, it was much easier and worked out great! I love a good freebie!!


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