Sunday, August 17, 2014


            The kids are back to school and summer is heating up, after a mild reminder that life does have a way of equaling it's self out!  The garden is a hot mess, how quickly the weeds can take over if you miss a weeding or two...maybe three? But, it's been very productive, and the summer has been one of my favorites by far! Made another batch of salsa yesterday and picked a good pound of elderberries too, those got picked over and placed in the freezer for a flu syrup this fall, there are more to ripen and I hope to get to them before the wasps do. Spaghetti sauce and ketchup has also been made from our tomatoes, my basil and dill are both huge, great crops this year, must be all the rain and milder temps. Yummy corn and tons of potato's have feed us many meals so far, with more to dig, then sweet potato's will be ready! Harvest of happiness to say the least! It's been the best gardening season ever! Even the wild flowers have been blessed by this summer's weather and reprieve. I've been using basil and cilantro in all my cupboards since I have so much, I just cut a bunch and throw it in the back of each cupboard, it's been keeping the country mice at bay.  I love those scents of summer!
       Another passion of mine has been keeping me busy as well, and last weekend I had a wedding to shoot, my ex husband and his third wife. I was his first, he was my second and so on...but we are all friends, and if a marriage has to dissolve, the friendship shouldn't, especially if children are apart of the union, as in our case. We have 2 sons together, his only children and I'm so glad we were able to show them how love really works.  This is just one of my favorite shots from their wedding, it speaks without words, like life at times. I hope your summer has been full of passions, flowers, harvests and family! Love life!

If you'd like to see more of my photography and this wedding, check out my Facebook page:
Shots by Sue


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