Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Seasonal Shift

              It's finally October, but time won't be slowing down for me until the new year, but I'm not complaining! Our youngest is getting married Nov.1 so there is alot to do yet, plus our annual fall fun nite here at the homestead is next weekend, complete with pony rides this year! Personally, I'm growing and I've taken the advice of a few and I'm working on going  dot com with a website that will combine my newspaper articles, so that is exciting, frustrating too, I'm doing all by myself! I've always said I like a good challenge and this may be it! But, you know, if you don't take a risk, you may never know and I don't want to wonder or miss a opportunity to go global. I'll keep this blog and will try to get more posts up, I do have some re-runs coming soon, those seasonal posts that are always a good reminder, for me too! The shift has begun, in more ways than one but it's all, life is good and needs to be celebrated, every chance we get!!!


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