Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One Heck of a Surprise!

         What do you get 2 little girls who are hard to buy for? A surprise pony party of course! A friend of mine has a therapy horse program that she takes to nursing homes, community events and parties of all kinds! Jenny and her ponies are wonderful, very professional and eager to teach anyone interested in the ways of the ponies. Her program is called Mini Blessings, and she was a big blessing to us, as I had kept the party a surprise from the grandkids, and the look on their faces and the fun they had made my day!
    My oldest grand daughter May, above, thought she was too big to ride, she wasn't and loved it! Now, she's interested in helping Jenny and learning more, and of course she now wants a pony but this girl loves animals and is so down to earth, makes my heart smile! So, if your ever stuck for a unique gift idea for the kids or grandkids please consider something like this and if your in my area, look up Mini Blessings Horse Therapy on Facebook. Jenny and her boys are just wonderful and the ponies are adorable!


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