Monday, August 04, 2014

Pickles and Politics!

                  What a busy summer this has been, not only is the garden heating up, so are the politics here in Missouri! We vote tomorrow on many issues but the one I'm mainly concerned with is Amendment One. We already have the right to farm, but due to the tricky wording on this bill, many will vote yes thinking it will keep that right, but it won't! If passed, big corporations and outside companies can buy up Missouri land, allow Monsanto to take over and control farms. Not only that, but even small family farms will be affected, all the way down to our drinking water that could be contaminated  if unsafe meat producers are allowed in. I'm voting no, to keep my right to farm/garden in the way the current bill allows. It's a shame big government has to trick us with vague wording to get us to vote their way! I'm a small voter who will fight to keep my rights to garden and raise chickens!
     The garden has been the best one ever, I can't remember a summer that has been so nice with rains just when we need them. The kitchen is a busy room with produce being processed weekly: salsa, sauce, pesto and pickles, alot of pickles! I can't imagine not having a garden, fresh and organic produce for our family is priceless! I can only hope and pray that everyone reads the ballot good tomorrow, and not rush through it! One wrong vote could change everything! Pickles aren't the only thing fermenting!

UPDATE: We lost by half of a percent! But, there is rumor of a recount so were still hopeful. At least this tight margin supports a second look and has made the concern aware and out there!


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