Monday, June 09, 2014

Are You Man Enough?

                Here I sit, missing for a couple of weeks in my hectic but wonderful life that I'm blessed to be living and it's almost Father's Day! June is on the same race track as May was, or is it that I'm just getting old and time is speeding up? Your probably wondering about my post title? I'm choosing to write about a subject matter that effects ALL women and most men, yet they don't get the credit or attention, it's menopause, and is your husband man enough to handle it in a loving way? I'm 54 and I first noticed the little signs years ago, things like not having to shave my legs that often, I was cranky for no reason or my eye sight wasn't as good as it once was. Last fall, on a routine doctor visit, I had him check my hormone levels in a blood test, positive! I knew that but wanted someone else to tell me. Then the hot flashes started, nothing too harsh or unmanageable. One day this winter, I woke up and had a pooch of a tummy, not to be confused with my pooch of a gut, that I've always had, it was little and now I don't mind it but this monster under my breasts has to go! It's uncomfortable and unsightly! Now, I'm noticing women my age and older with a belly bump and not of the baby kind, it's almost like were marked! The hot flashes have been upgraded to night sweats that can happen any time of the day or night, paired with this belly bump, I'm miserable!
     I'm not completely sure if my husband understands just what I'm going through, but he is patience and keeps apologizing for it, a hug helps too! Were in this together, it's written in our marriage vows but it's not fair! It's called MENopause but we women go through this, it's no journey or curse but as long as my husband continues to be patience, we shall survive this too! My Mother never spoke of it or how it was for her, I wish now I had asked, it seems her's will effect yours, so ask your Mom and take notes, it may come in handy for your daughters too! So ladies, this is where I am, I'd like to think I'm on the other side of this phase but were all different and I'm thankful for that! I'm armed with herbs and natural ways to keep my sanity, doing more sit ups than ever and praying harder! Puberty was a piece of cake!
      So, when you wish your man a Happy Father's day this Sunday, remind him of your vows and ask him if he's man enough! Keep him wondering!


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