Friday, May 23, 2014

Dream Chaser & Catcher!

            I have a dream, many really with some coming true like I never thought they would! I'm having a pretty good year, my photography has taken off, for the last few months, I've been sharing a recipe weekly on the food page of my local newspaper, and now I have my own garden column " Garden Thyme" every Wednesday! I'm so excited!!! I'm eager to dig in and cover some new content, I feel like most publications recycle their articles and I'm craving some new information and ideas! I hope to explore all issues regarding gardening, there's so much more to it than plant, weed and water. I'm still sharing a recipe each week, and I love a good challenge, so deadlines will not scare me nor will the boots I have to fill, Jim Long used to supply the garden column, but the newspaper is revamping the page and I'm honored to be apart of it! So, you see, you are NEVER too old to chase and catch your dreams! Just don't give up, anything is possible and I'm proof of that! I'm not a expert gardener but I am a learner and I share well with others! I'll be adding some of my articles here too, and you can always check me out online at West Plains Daily Quill.


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