Sunday, February 02, 2014

January Jinx

             I'm tired of complaining about the weather, it seems to the normal thing to do this winter, with odds worse than the Super Bowl, I'm aiming for a touch down of spring! If you remember my January hutch, all decked out in snowflakes, well, I think I jinxed winter! It's being relentless, one wave after another of cold, wind, snow, sleet, ice and cold, did I say cold? Super cold! Another one for the record books, but I'm not impressed with all these records being broken? Will our weather ever return to normal? To boost it along, I hid all my snowflakes yesterday and dug out the Valentines, dressed up the hutch for the new month with high hopes for a kinder month....then it happened, mid morning, snow......with the promise of more twice this week! I give up!
     It's hard at times to remain positive, and I'm still trying. Worry sets in over the price of propane and a possible shortage, I never would of imagined that electricity would be cheaper than propane , oh how I long for wood heat again! Will we make it, I'm sure we will, but a person tends to get down, in my case, I feel like a slug this winter! But, I'm keeping busy, holding onto the thought of spring and getting my hands planted in the warm soil again! Happy thoughts!


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