Saturday, January 25, 2014

Winter Woes...

                 I am!! Not a fan of this winter though, it's taking a toll on my spirit, my budget and my body! It has a name, Polar Vortex, polar meaning it belongs way up north but instead has caused trouble in almost all 50 states. This January, so far, we've had 7 waves of this vortex system come through, hiking up the price of propane to $2.49 a gallon with some dairy farmers in my state paying double that! The homes in this area were not built for sub zero temps this often. Our pipes in the well house froze and broke a couple of weeks ago, so did many others in my area, and we thought we were prepared. We've had to upgrade our wraps, heat lamp and insulation, and we've made it through another round! The wildlife are hurting too, less food for them so they turn to stealing chickens, lost a hen and our rooster to chicken hawks. A friend had a rat build a nest under her dash, in a car that she used daily, started a fire on her way to work! But, it's been so cold that even the wild ones are looking for a warm, dry place. It's a bitter world for man and beast alike!

        But, I'm working hard at staying creative, not through blogging, writer's block set in, but I've picked up a long, lost art of journeying, something I haven't done in years! I joined a group on Facebook, called Journal52, were we create a page a week after being given a prompt/theme. It's saving my spirit and sanity during this season once called winter! Another outlet is my photography, on the rare days when it's been nice to get out, we do! We take drives in the country, down roads new to us. I've added many finds on my Facebook photography page: Shots by Sue. I've also joined View Bug online, it's a free contest site for photographers, you share you shots too and get valuable input and awards, very good for the ego and it's proving to be a great learning tool as well.

          One more week of January, so my hopes are picking up for a better month ahead, I've never missed normal as much as I do now! But, all in all, I do LOVE my life, I'm blessed beyond my merits, and I'm holding on tight with hope and faith that we all get through this winter and learn from it and enjoy summer in a new light and love!


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