Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Handmade Valentines Swap

           Remember those early school years when you made and received Valentines and even decorated shoe boxes to hold them all in? Well, for the last 8 years, I've been making and swapping old fashioned Valentines with the farmgirls at Mary Jane's Farm. I was a tad late in posting the swap this year so someone else beat me to it, but I have many loyal swappers who look forward to this one each year but our number is a even dozen, down from the usual 30 plus, but that is ok, won't cost as much in postage! But, I thought some of you might like to join us? It's easy really, all you have to do is make a valentine card for each lady on the master list. And like I said, were only at 12 so far, the deadline to join in is Jan. 18th, so if you'd like to make and receive valentines, just email me your name and address and your in! Below was last year's goodies, so much talent, some even made us a bookmark, added candy and got real creative, but the fun is expressing yourself and then checking the mailbox for all the love.....
       Last week was very long...........the weather was record breaking COLD, below 0 many times, just not our normal winter weather. Our whole well house froze up, breaking pipes and leaving us without water for 2 days, but some had it worse. But, this week is much better, sunny and above freezing, even hit 61 on Sunday! That was nice, wish it would last longer than a day, but that's life in Oz! Cold or not, a handmade valentine is my cure for the winter blahs, staying creative is one of my goals for 2014 so express yourself and join us!


  1. Sue~
    I would love to do this!
    I sent you a msg through Facebook!

  2. I would love to join you but I don't want to make an unlucky 13!


  3. Hello Sue, I always love this idea, but I need to think about it! I already have all my scraobooking stuff out as I am working on my old recipe box and organizing them all. Then I am putting them in a plastic sheet. And I have been working on it all week! We have had terrible dust storm out here on the plains.
    I will get back with you if I think I can do it!
    Blessings, Roxy

  4. Anonymous6:25 PM

    Hi Sue,

    Count me in and my daughter too. (new address) I've been emailing, but emails keep coming back.

    Laura V. in LA

  5. Of course you know I already joined your swap and I think that several MJ gals joined both swaps and so some may receive 2 cards---double the fun.
    Sorry to hear about the extreme cold and well freezing. On our last cold snap our pump to the well froze but no lasting damage and it wasn't near as cold as you guys got. And then our power was out for 15 hours thank goodness for a woodstove.
    Enjoy MB

  6. I've made 20 more cards---send me the list!!! LOL MB

  7. An interesting post. Good luck.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  8. Sue if you sent out the list maybe you had my old email addy. here is the new one:

    Thanks, MB

  9. Hi Sue!
    I'm not playing this year, but I love to read your thoughts about it.

    It's 13 right now, but I can feel the cold encroaching on the house. I try not to use the propane and just use the wood stove. I may break down.

    First we'll try hot tea, sweaters, blankets, and maybe even some baking.


  10. Hi ya chicky....
    Looks like super fun... and I too love reading what's going on at Country Pleasures. Hope you get a good turn out for your valentine swap. Have fun gals!! xoxo

  11. We have 17, a nice cozy group! Can't wait to see all the mailboxes happy and flooding with pink mail!


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