Thursday, December 19, 2013

Little Ladder of Mine

                    My husband is the best!!! Every time I ask him to make me something I see in a magazine or on Pinterest, he tries his hardest to make it happen, and always come through for me. I do believe I have the BEST husband EVER!  Over the Thanksgiving break I seen old ladders in a magazine used as towel holders, I loved that idea but our tiny bathroom has no room for one, so I thought maybe a smaller one would satisfy my want and add to the charm of our outhouse themed bathroom, and it does!
      This cute little ladder is made from old black wood we salvaged from a old building in town that was being torn down, we got a few good boards and hoarded them till a project came to mind. I'm thrilled! So, this post is dedicated to my husband aka: dream maker, and to all husbands who pitch in to do the manual labor of love!


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