Sunday, December 22, 2013

A Sweet Little Story

             I love to combine two of my favorite past times into one and take my camera for a drive, pick a direction and hit the road! My photography page ( Shots by Sue)  on Facebook is doing well and I've been blessed with many photo shoots, but it's the photos like this one that remind me why I love photography! I snapped this shot of a old house a couple of years ago, I feel in love with it and just had to get a photo of it, but I never dreamed how special this shot would be.
      The house was empty, door wide open, the interior was trashed! My guess,  renters left in a hurry with no regard or respect. The land held cows, grazing out back. Tall, old trees shaded the home and the worn wood look original. This is the kind of place I dream about!
       Just last week this photo was spotted on my Shots by Sue page and my message light lite up like a Christmas tree! It seems the girl who saw this photo grew up in that house and went on to tell me many wonderful memories! She was so excited to see it and sad too, the house was torn down and burned last year to make way for a new house! So, she placed a order for 2 prints, for her sister and Mom. I'm gifting her a third so they all have a copy.  I was so touched by this story and happy to know a little history too.
      My level and skills are self taught, I don't charge a outrageous fee, I believe in preserving the past for the future and I'm honored to have one of my prints evoke such happiness! That's my little Christmas story, or sorts!


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