Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Sweet November

                                       "I am rich today in Autumn's gold" G.Harp

                  Almost a week into November and our tree's are getting naked, I'm missing the color already! Our Autumn glory came late this year, but powerful, now almost faded. Makes me sad....But time has no sense of time, does it? I'm not a fan of being held hostage by the weather or season. As I get older I try hard to accept each season for all the good and not worry about the rest. I'm trying!

          Many bloggers and facebook friends are bringing out the Christmas decor. I don't want to rush it. I understand Thanksgiving is later this year and makes sense why some are boxing up autumn but don't forget about sweet November! The month of Thanksgiving is needed in today's world, then we can enjoy the spirit of Christmas. Were not going over board this year, with the economy in such a mess, people are laid off or worse and the high prices and expectations of gifts, it's taking away from the real reason we celebrate. I will content to have the family gather for a good meal and share the day together, that is a true gift! Sweet November, I honor you!


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