Saturday, November 02, 2013

My Other Hobby

             I took a leap and ran with another passion of mine and started offering my photography skills to the public, and by skills, I mean self taught with a passion to preserve memories at a price people could afford. When my nephew told me the quotes he got for senior pictures I almost fell to the ground, it was almost $300! That's insane!! So, I offered to do his for free and for the practice, which lead to 2 senior sessions in October. I've also done a wedding and I have a family portrait session tomorrow, and I only charge $50 for a 2 hour session with editing and a free Facebook cover.
         This whole process has been more fun than I ever expected and I love the creative part, editing!
           This is Katy, my session from last weekend, this girl should be a model, she is stunning! The camera loved her and I'm thrilled with the end result, so was she. That makes me happy, knowing I can keep this memory alive for them, forever!
           I'm not getting rich at this nor can I quit my day job, but I'm rich in learning a new trade and making friends along the way, mixed in with memories well preserved! Look me up on Facebook and like my page: Shots by Sue where I also sell my prints. Once I hit 100 likes, I'll be drawing for a free print of your choice.


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