Sunday, August 18, 2013

GOOD morning GLORY!

            The older I get, the more I'm learning, and the more I'm learning about life, the more I"m leaning on my spiritual side, so on this Sunday morning it was only proper to post one of God's many beautiful reminders that life is all about learning and leaning.

    I've waited all summer for the blue morning glories to bloom, they are one of my favorites, but then again, all blue flowers are! How anyone can deny his being is hard to swallow, just take a look around, all the magical wonders of the world!

 Were not church goer's anymore, that was a personal choice and honestly, going to church doesn't make you a better person or Christian, it's all in your everyday being! My time in church is in my garden, with birds singing nature hymns while bee's usher in from bloom to bloom.

    No matter your religion, keep your faith strong and close to your heart! Honor your home while you feed your family in a honest, prideful way. Food for the soul is so much more than bread and water. Get outdoors and behold all the wonder that was made just for us, life is glory filled!! Happy Sunday!


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