Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cookie Cutter Crazy!!

               If you follow me on Facebook, you know of my many love affairs with photos, but probably the ones that make my heart skip a beat are the old homes, and the older the better! This blue beauty is one of mine, found on a county road just outside of town, I wander alot with my camera sitting next to me, just in case something catches my eye, like this one did! I have shot this house before, kept a eye on it through the seasons, all alone it sits, once the Hoover house, no longer a home. This breaks my heart but made me realize how our lives, including the world and events, can be blamed on our homes. Once the cookie cutter houses took over, so did the laziness for detail, hard work and morals, not to mention manners . I for one refuse to be cloned into thinking I must behave like everyone else or even believe that our government has our best interest at heart, I've seen how this is not true!

          So, maybe this why I long for the old homes, the old ways and that I look for respectable people to step up and try to turn this country around to better days, Mayberry days and Walton ways! Let's start with banning Honey Boo Boo and cartoons that promote stupidity! Send your children outside to know nature, teach them to plant a garden, catch a fish or play simple games. Turn off the tv, video games and be social again! Stepping down from my soap box now, to finish cleaning our home, the home were so blessed to live in and yes its old and not a cookie cutter copy of any other house around, and I like it that way! Amen!


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