Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Airing my Laundry Room!

                 What's one thing we all have in common? We all have laundry, some may not have a certain room just for this task but we all have dirty clothes, there for, laundry to do!! Over the weekend I got into a fall cleaning mode that resulted in a tweaked laundry room and here is the edited result. This is a small space. It was wide open to the dining room when we bought this house, didn't like that so I blocked that opening off with a salvaged door, added some paint, wallpaper and a matching border, and I have a laundry room. I did some tweaking, found a home for the quilt my sister sent me and gave it a good deep cleaning and now it's a happy place to fold laundry! Something so simple can bring much joy, even doing laundry!


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