Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tasty Tuesday with a Twist!

                 Summer arrived today with the high in the 90's, upper 90's tomorrow, and with summer comes one of my favorite annual projects, making summer snowflakes from the wildflower: Queen Anne's Lace. It's easy enough to get the kids involved as well. Start by going flower picking, grab as many QAL flowers as you'd like, each one makes one snowflake. Once picked, hand wash and allow to dry REALLY well, blot with paper towel too and air dry in the sun. Once completely dry, snip off the flower head and press in a flower press or big book, lay between 2 sheets of wax paper and allow to press for a week at least till you have them flat. Place flattened flower heads on newspaper and lightly spray with hairspray, air dry. Store in plastic bag till late fall, when you can take them out, spray with fake snow or leave natural. These can be hung on your Christmas tree, or mantel or even use in gift wrapping. You can even decorate them with glitter or spray paint different colors, it's all up to you!  And if you gather enough QAL flowers, google a recipe for jelly made from them, it can be done, I'm not a fan of it myself but there are some good recipes out there for you to play with! So, don't over look the wild things growing for our use, that is there purpose! Have fun!


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