Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tasty Tuesday

                  I got experimenting with a cake idea over the weekend, even thought I'd come up with a new cake recipe but after googling it, I've found I haven't but did put a spin on it! The end result was a moist and tasty spring cake!

Mandarin Orange Cake

1 box orange cake mix
I sm. can mandarin oranges, juice too
Water, as needed

Prepare the cake mix as directed but instead of the water, add the whole can of mandarin oranges, juice and all, only adding water if needed. Mix with a mixer till well blended, the orange segments will get crushed by the mixer and blend in. Bake as directed and allow to cool. Frost with a cream cheese icing. I used the orange creamsickle  frosting that I found at Walmart and it was a perfect combo!

   And now back to spring like chores and enjoying the great outdoors!!


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