Monday, April 15, 2013

Need a Mint?

               This time of year, whenever I have to go to the store, I make a bee line to the garden center first! I'm such a sucker for a pretty face, more mums came home with me today, even though the last batch were a midnight snack for the deer, but thankfully they only ate the blooms, so they are ok, bald but just fine! I'm collecting mums for a new mum bed, with a rusty old bed frame I found last summer and at $1.48 each, I can't afford not to buy a few each visit! But, I have a confession.........
     Some mint plants tagged along too, chocolate and sweet mint, plus a pineapple sage! Do I have a problem here? I know what your thinking, not mint!! YES, mint. It will be contained in pots, set in the ground and in a bed of their own " the mint garden" has been on my to do list for too long, so when I spotted them today, my to do list got a bit shorter!
      I think every garden should have at least one mint plant, mint helps deter mice and bugs, can be dried for many uses and a new study proved, just smelling mint helps curb calories, so I"m in!! Yes, mint has become my new obsession, with so many varieties and flavors, I just can't resist! Ok, I will contain myself now and my mints! Happy spring!!


  1. Good luck with growing your mint. Fresh herbs are the best to cook with. I have never tasted chocolate mint. Is it as good as it sounds?

  2. I'm betting it is. It smells yummy!

  3. Mine too as I featured it last week in my herb post!!

  4. Fresh herbs are the best to cook with. Definitely it is.. A must try chocolate recipe.


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