Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Hutch!

                Four themes later, it's my spring hutch! This year of hutch displays is fun!! I'm really anxious for the next one, Mother's Day, I'm working on a extra special display! Our spring weather hasn't been as much fun as decorating my hutch, but it is what it is! This week, it's actually spring time, 60's and sunny. Last week was a different story, it was in the low 80's for most of the week and felt more like June, muggy too! Then storms came through, left some rain and brought back actual April temps., very comfy!

     We've started on the chicken coop, our peeps arrive this week! It will be so nice to have chickens and fresh eggs again!! The gardens are coming along, slowly. They are confused too with weeds not having a problem at all!

      We've also began the search for the next dog, a boxer this time. Beginning with local or near by rescues but haven't lost my heart yet, but I will! Would love a puppy but are looking at young adults too. It will happen, I'm sure! Well, time to get back at those weeds before they totally take over! Wishing you a bright day!


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