Saturday, January 26, 2013

Indoor Gardens

              This country girl has the fever, and it's not cabin related but the garden bug and a bad case of it! I'm wearing down the pages of my seed catalogs, dreaming of all the flowers blooming, seeds producing and all the fresh food growing! To cure this itch, I've found a project that will help keep me grounded and will allow me to play in the dirt a bit, indoor gardens! This photo came to me on Facebook the other day so I tracked it down and ever since, a grow light went off in my head! So, today we headed out in search of old, pretty jars or subs that will make interesting terrariums, like this photo from Urban Comfort. 

         My favorite flea markets came to the rescue with 3 nice size jars, got some sand from the feed store and beginning tomorrow ( since it's suppose to rain) the project will get underway, with only the plant life to be had, this may be the biggest challenge, this time of the year anyway. I do have moss growing outside so I have that layer covered. I plan to make several, for gifts or to sell, so stay tuned for the results! A country girl has to keep her thumb green somehow?


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