Monday, September 17, 2012

Falling in love with Fall

           Every year it happens, I fall hard for autumn and all it's glory, like a kid at Christmas! I spent a lovely day yesterday decorating for the new season, I believe in celebrating the seasons by making my home cozy and filled with the sights, smells and feel of each season.  Out with summer and in with autumn is one of my favorite times, again like Christmas to me! The red wall behind the hutch is one of the few walls that hasn't been repainted since we moved in, 4 yrs. ago, it sure does add to the color theme.  I also noticed that the white hutch pictured is the third hutch to sit in that spot. It's my favorite, I completely re-did it last winter, there's a post on it and another one coming up, I'm working on a island to match!

           This is the main room that gets decorated for fall, because it's the hub of the house. The kitchen gets tweaked a little but mostly for Christmas. And  it feels like fall here, cool days with rain returning almost once a week, bringing life to the garden before it's too late. A busy season ahead but one that will be savored, and cherished before the longest season of all. From my house to yours, Happy Fall!


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