Sunday, June 05, 2011

Garden Envy

           How does your garden grow?  Mine has been challenged by the weather, first by major rains in April and May, and now excessive heat that resembles late July, early August. I shouldn't be watering this soon into the season, but I am, so I'm a little concerned.  I had high hopes for better gardening months this year but Mother Nature is still above normal and off her rocker!!  I know I shouldn't complain but I must vent somewhere and your all so good at comforting, plus I'd love to know how your conditions are too? So many are turning to gardens to help supply food and fill the freezer so I know how you feel, it's depressing at times....But we can't give up! Gardening is a huge leap of faith, so if you are in need of some cheap inspiration, comb through gardening books and magazines for cool ideas to help your gardens survive. Mulching is tops on my list, and I'm going deeper than ever before this year! I'm also collecting milk jugs so I can fill them up, poke holes in the bottom so it will slowly water my plants over a longer period. High 90's here this week so it dries up pretty fast!

    Dear Mother Nature,
           I'm not sure what is going on in your life, but please stop taking it out on us! Gardeners from all over are overwhelmed with poor growing conditions of all kinds! I'm not asking for miracles, I realize it is June, but these above normal temps. are too soon, please check your calender again and help us out! We are on your side but need some help here! Thank you and carry on!
Love, Sue


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