Sunday, May 15, 2011


            Have you heard about Pinterest yet? I hadn't till a fellow blogger turned me onto this wonderful site, that can be and has become addicting, just a little! It's really neat, and kinda hard to explain, so I'm calling it my magic carpet ride! At Pinterest you can collect pin boards of all your favorites things, even food! Friends can follow you as you collect and share your finds and you can do the same to others, all over the world! I'm really surprised all this is free! Take the photo above, it's from Pinterest where I have been searching and a little drooling over garden sheds, since we are planning to build one soon. I have a whole board with these cute and cleaver sheds pinned, as they call it, for my records and yours if you so choose to follow me.  I've already found a few bloggers I know there, so I'm not the first to share this magic land with you, so come join us and together we can pin all sorts of fun, cleaver and yummy things. Look me up if you join, you won't be sorry, I promise!


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