Saturday, May 14, 2011

Herbsteading 101/ Infused Vinegars

               I must confess,  I don't use vinegar in my cooking alot, hardly ever but I do use alot of it in my home as a cleaner. I don't mind the smell of vinegar but others do, so I like to flavor the vinegar with citirs  peels. I also try to drink a little apple cider vinegar each day, this old time remedy is the hardest but hidden in some orange juice helps it to go down a bit better. Apple cider vinegar, organic is best, is so good for your body, and I do feel better after I kick it back! lol

          I use white vinegar when I'm making my scented cleaners. This is so easy, you will wonder why you didn't do it before. You can use lemons, oranges or grapefruit, pick a couple that are firm and sweet smelling, peel and place the rinds in the bottom of a quart size mason jar, fill with white vinegar and set aside for about a month, give it a shake now and then.  My favorite is orange, mainly because we eat the most of them and I love the smell! Once your month is up, strain into a spray bottle and use! It's that easy and you've just created your own natural cleaner that is safe on anything from chrome to marble! Plus, you've saved a bundle and the planet, now doesn't that make you feel better! lol  It's all about simple ways to keep our home safe for us and with the high cost of food and gas, every little way to do so counts!


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