Sunday, April 10, 2011

Remaining ♥ Hopeful

          Change never bothered me much, till the BIG change took over my life. It's not bad, in the early stages, 51 and hoping, hoping this is as bad as it gets? I'm managing on less sleep, more aches and pains but little time to dwell, so I hope.  Other changes are taking place, as you know, our newlyweds moved to Kentucky for jobs, doing well and are expecting a baby in November, crowning me a Grandma to 5 now!  All while another son is facing a divorce and a possible move out of town. Jobs are few and marriage doesn't seem to last forever anymore? Change please!

         The weather is a constant source of change this year too, and not for the good. Wind so sharp and wicked has landed in the Ozarks and won't vacate! Gusts up to 40 miles per hour does not make for a good gardening day! Rain is less than normal. And our temp. was 30 degrees warmer than normal yesterday, we hit 91 in April! I swore I wouldn't put the air on this early, but the poor dog just can't cool down and stop panting, plus the wind is so strong it's taking wall art off the walls! So, the air is on, only till tonight when a cool front and more severe storms are due to come through with rain and cooler temps. I welcome that change!

        But change can be good. I've been changing things around outside, a little landscape rearranging. Made a plant run too, but I'm not fighting the wind, they can wait. I did help my grand daughter, Chloe, plant some sunflower seeds yesterday, we hope to make a sunflower house soon. It makes my heart smile to know my grand daughters are flower girls too! :)

        I can handle my changes, I may not like them but I am a woman who will get through it and a Mom who will support and let go. The flock, no matter how old, is still young in my heart. The Government is another story, it is in need of a BIG change too!


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