Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tasty Tuesday

              I needed a dessert for a last minute family cookout, so I flung open my cupboards in hopes of finding a cake mix I had forgotten about, I did, a pineapple cake mix from Betty. Pineapple, why did I buy this? Probably for a upside down pineapple cake, but I didn't have enough pineapple so I thought......looked in the cupboards some more and then it hit me. I'll come up with my own cake idea, and let's call it  tropical delight. The photo above is not the cake I baked, can you believe I didn't have time to shoot it, so I'm using another one half baked! lol

Tropical Delight

1 box pineapple cake mix
1 can crushed pineapple, reserve juice
1 can cream cheese frosting
2 banana's
1 c. coconut
12 strawberries
Magic Shell chocolate syrup

Bake cake as directed but add crushed pineapple after you drain it and add the juice to the amount of water needed. I used 2 9 in round cake pans for layers but you could bake as a single layered cake too. Frost the first layer, then slice banana's on top. Place the top layer on and frost it, add more sliced banana's, strawberries and coconut. Now if your one of those odd balls that doesn't like coconut, just omit it. Follow directions on the magic shell and drizzle chocolate syrup all over the top, to your liking. We like it thick but still pretty, regular chocolate syrup works too but you will have to apply just before ready to serve or it may run, esp. if its warm. Serve with forks and watch the smiles! :)

       For something that I just put together in a rush was a huge hit and requested for a birthday already! So, since the fruit is light and reminds me of spring, I'll be making another one for Easter, so I thought you might like to try it too! enjoy!!

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