Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas Aprons

          For those of you who joined my Christmas Apron swap, you should of received yours by now or soon. I had 2 partners so no one would be left out, which is always fine with me, just look at my 2 very pretty Christmas aprons, I love them!  Katmom made the red and white  pointsetti beauty complete with yo-yo's! Note to self: must learn how to make yo-yo's! This apron matches my kitchen so well, I may be able to get away with it out year round? LOL  Thank you Katmom, it's perfect!
     The red and green apron was made my Missy Shay who used a vintage pattern with modern fabric and captured my heart with the green gingerbread print! Someone was paying attention! lol  Tuckins were sweet and simple, it's the aprons I wanted to show off! Thank you Missy, it's perfect!
    Many thanks to all who joined and I hope you love your new Christmas apron as much as I love mine! Please post about yours or send me a shot. And mark your calendars, the next apron swap will be for Valentines Day, sweet as it should be! Speaking of sweets, I had 2 comments posted about gingerbread cookies, just do a search for a recipes but I like Betty Crocker's recipe, you just can't go wrong with Betty!


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