Saturday, December 11, 2010

Crafty Christmas

            The buzz around blogland is that this Christmas more and more of us are making homemade, handmade and heartmade gifts, and I am one of those who are going simple and sweet! By sweet, I mean home baked goodies of course! One of my favorite sources for such treats is Tip Junkie. I am in love with their pie in a jar gifts, they are so cute and sweet! A wonderful blog sister took this general idea a step further and created a birthday cake for Jesus in a jar, check out Lea's post. What a special treat for our Sunday School class, thanks again Lea for sharing this wonderful idea! You can also check out Tip Junkie for all kinds of jar gifts, they even have a wide selection of labels you can print from home to decorate your jar gifts, double sweet!
     Aprons are consuming my craft room right now, trying to stock my Etsy shop with some Christmas spirit! I also want to make some framed art and more mug rugs. Today is perfect for holding up in my special space and create, it's raining, cloudy and temps. will be dropping this afternoon, so I've got a pot of ham and beans on, baking bread and muffins later and getting crafty for Christmas, how about you?


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