Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tasty Tuesday

            Falls on a Wednesday today, my Internet was down for almost 2 days! When did I become so dependant on it? My morning routine was all messed up, I usually have coffee while I check my email, catch up on Facebook and plan my day or posts, gee I was lost! But it's a good dependency, keeping in touch with family and friends via facebook is wonderful, not to mention all the freebies, giveaways and recipes that come my way. I make Facebook for me! So, to reward  your patience, it's back to pumpkin posts! This one is super easy, just 2 ingredients. A cake mix and a can of pumpkin, yep, that's it! A spice, white, vanilla, yellow or carrot cake can be used, but I tried a dark chocolate mix that was the best by far!  Just dump the cake mix of choice in a large bowl and add the whole can of pumpkin, mix well and bake according to the directions and pan that you are using. That's it!  Easy, quick and very tasty too! Icing is optional and you have my permission to go crazy!  Next time, I'll add some mini chocolate chips to the mix for some extra chocolate yumm-ness! Ok, back to getting caught up! Enjoy!


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