Monday, November 01, 2010

Christmas Apron Swap

           Welcome sweet November! I was gonna wait a bit before starting this swap, but after reading about so many Christmas swaps already in progress, I thought I had better get on the ball! The official start to the holidays has already begun for crafters and apron makers!  So if you'd like to make and receive a handmade apron for Christmas baking and entertaining just leave your name and email addy on THIS post only.  You will be assigned a partner but to keep it in the true Christmas spirit, we will be surprising our partners, no requests will be taken to preferences like half or full aprons, or themes. This is a gift giving swap, tuck ins are encouraged to add to the element of surprise! I'll close this swap on Nov. 15 with shipping due Nov. 30th so we all have our gifted aprons in time for Christmas wearing. I always try to pair us up close by to help with shipping but everyone is welcome to join us, the more the merrier!  So, if you'd like to give and receive, sign up and get busy making your Christmas apron and finding sweet tuck ins, no need to wait for your partner, keeping this swap easy and no stressing! Let's start November off sewing!


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