Saturday, November 06, 2010

Saturday Sewing

             Busy hands, happy heart! Now that Halloween is out of the way, it's time to gear up for Thanksgiving then Christmas, but my busy hands have Christmas in mind, and I'm popping out aprons right and left! Today, the sun shines, the wind has calmed and I should be outside putting my flower beds to rest, but I have 3 aprons due by church tomorrow. I'm donating 2 aprons as gifts for the cook-off we had during our fall festival plus our pastors wife turns 39 tomorrow so since she loves to bake, she's getting a apron too. Then, I can start on the Christmas aprons! The swap is going good, we have 20 signed up so far, so there is still time to join us, you have till the 15th to get signed up, just scroll down to that post. But you don't have to wait, those who have already signed up, go ahead and design those holiday aprons, you have free rein! Don't forget about a few tuck ins to add to the surprise, seasonal coffee or teas are always welcomed, pot holders, tea towels, just to give you a few ideas.  I can't wait to see all the pretty Christmas aprons your busy hands will produce! I plan to start mine tomorrow plus some for my Etsy shop too!

       I've been baking too, sourdough starter is brewing, my homemade vanilla is coloring nicely and I'm gathering recipes for the Thanksgiving menu. It won't slow down now till New Years, so keep those hands busy, hearts happy and enjoy the bounty of both! And treat yourself and your home to the new Glade air freshner, there holiday collection is out, and I bought the Chocolate Cherry Sparkle, oh my! Smells like real chocolate, you will want to lick the air!  Happy sewing girls!


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