Sunday, August 01, 2010

Happy, Heavenly August

          My spirits are high today, even with the temps sky high, they can't bring me down! Why, you ask? It"s August! I'm so happy to have July behind us, it broke records from 1954 for the being the hottest and driest, we haven't had rain in weeks and it's just not normal. But, then again, normal hasn't been normal at all this year.  So, I"m hopeful, even with the hottest week yet still ahead of us ( 97 on Tue. before the heat index), I know for a fact, that we are now one more month closer to fall.  Some think I'm silly ( my sister) for rushing the calender along, but there is nothing pleasant about record heat that keeps you inside most of the day, unless you use that time to do some sewing, which I have, but still!

       The gardens can't survive this heat, everyone is complaining how badly there's is doing and ours isn't doing any better regardless if we water or not, it's just not the same as a good rain that soaks in the ground that makes the leave curl with joy!  The wildlife are hurting too, ponds are drying up, foliage is wilting and their winter food supply looks bleak. So, yes, I am rejoicing today for it's August and I"m awaiting the arrival of autumn and all it's glory! Welcome August, you bring great hope!
Note to self: I must plant cosmos next year! :)


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