Thursday, July 29, 2010

Age Related

            As you know, or may not, I'm 51. This age thing isn't for sissies, it's hard! I want to grow old with grace and dignity.  When I turned 40, I thought my life was half over, it was like a half way point and I had so much I wanted to do, to achieve and to conquer. Here I am at 51, with the same to do list but with less time to work with, I swear I got more done when all 5 kids lived at home!  Where does the time go, really?

      I'm a morning person who drinks coffee faithfully, and my energy level is pretty good till about 2 or 3pm when I slow down to a snails pace, if  I were a napper, I could nap daily. I wonder how women function on little sleep, I average about 5-6 hours a night, but some manage on less than me? I have so many questions, ones I wished I could of had my Mom answer, they say our journey through menopause will be much like our Mom's? No official report, but I'm pretty certain I'm entering this last phase of womanhood, and for the most part, I'm ready, just a little frazzled! My brain doesn't work as hard as it once did. I'm not as strong as I used to be.  I don't get alot accomplished even when I think I do. I'm praying when or if I get hot flashes, it's in winter! I don't take to the heat anymore either, it wears me out and makes me cranky!

     I love being a woman, I'm accepting my age as a state of mind, and not a number. It's my gate pass to a open mind, where I"ll fill it with new ideas and challenges.  I want to accept my body as it is, not perfect. I will never be skinny, but I will stride to be healthy.  My spirit needs feeding daily, a well rounded diet of bible verses, recipes, sewing patterns and journaling keeps my inner self maintained and balanced . Fellowship of the female race is what  grounds me and keeps me happy and sane.  This age thing, can be done with grace, dignity and bonds like ours! Blogging is a basic need and I want to thank you for your visits and friendship. And if you have any advise to help me get over this hump, please share!


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