Thursday, March 04, 2010

Mini Make-over

In the last leg of winter, I get restless. I want to be outside, digging up the earth and adding to the landscape but I can't. So, I usually sink my energy into a home project, like painting. Now, if you've been following me long enough, you know the story of our home "Hilltop Haven" and how we re-did every room in the house. The library got painted a tan color, the same as the playroom, which was fine for the first 2 years (it'll be 2 yrs. in June when we moved in) but the longer I looked it at, I wanted a change, something to break up the tan in the house. So, I took a day last week, stayed home and painted the library a gold color. Now, this middle room is gold and black and feels more at ease with the rest of the house. Blogger posted my photos out of order but you get the idea.

I'm still waiting on hubby to build me a shelf which I'll paint black and it will go above the red seatee which will also get a coat of black paint, this summer. And I'm looking for a better floor lamp, in black to match and update the space some. It's amazing how a can of paint and a little rearranging can make a room look totally different. I'm still a bit restless, only for spring to come now!

Don't forget to get entered in my hoping for spring giveaway that ends this Sunday at noon. Scroll down to that post and leave a comment on your favorite spring flower and keep your fingers crossed. The winner will be notified Sunday afternoon. This prize is something springish! Good luck to all!
P.S. Click on photos to enlarge


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