Sunday, March 07, 2010

Hoping for Spring Winner

I sure did enjoy reading all the comments left in my hoping for spring giveaway, the winner is all of us for enjoying the first few flowers that spring bestows on us but only one winner can be chosen to win the giftie and thanks to the winner is...........RubyJune! Congrats RubyJune, love your name and the little history behind it. I came across her blog just weeks ago, don't remember how but sure am glad I found her, a delightful blog full of crafty links and yummy recipes. So, hop over and say Hi, this young blog is worth visiting. RubyJune, send me your mailing info. so I can get your giftie in the mail soon. Thanks to all who entered, be sure to read the comments left, there is a poem and many fond memories shared. Even RubyJunes comment has a nice little story behind her favorite spring flower. I love it when flowers are planted for a reason, a special occasion that grows and deepens the meaning of that flower for a family to share forever, what a gift! As you all are gifts to me, thanks for reading me, I appreciate you all so much! Hugs!♥


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