Monday, February 22, 2010

A Wild Weekend

Here we are with my youngest son and his bride to be who came for a visit over the weekend and to meet all of us. It does a mom's heart good to see her son so happy! And we just love her, she's a perfect match for Tyler and might be a little challenge too which is always good.

I had a big turkey dinner all planned, got my baking done early before the bird was due to go in the oven, and just when my cupcakes (strawberry) were ready to come out, the oven door would not open! I had pulled the child safety level over and somehow it got bent inside and once locked, would not budge. That was the first time I had used it ever, and the last! I was in a panic, so I had to shut down the oven and hope my pie that was still baking would be alright. Hubby finally got it open 45 min. later. So, I got the turkey ready for the oven and found it to be half frozen still, and being late now, would never be done by 5, so we went with plan B and grilled hamburger and dogs. I'm baking the turkey today! Needless to say, our dinner ended up being just right, it was a warm 60 degree day that we celebrated by grilling for the first time this year! I also made the pinto bean pie and after alot of convincing, those who did try it, said it tasted like pumpkin and was a nice surprise! Next time I won't tell them what it is!

I'm working on re-vamping my blog a little. In case you don't know, I have 2 other blogs, that get neglected, so I think I will close my Herbal Farmstead blog and move the articles here and make this blog all things country inspired. Gardening, crafting, baking, cooking, junking, decorating and anything else country! So, look for gardening articles here and there along with more recipes and decorating posts. The blog I created for our church will remain the same, just updated more often, I hope. Change is good...right! A giveaway is coming soon too, so don't go too far away!


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