Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Sweet Valentines

I know I'm late in posting and bragging on my sweet valentines that I got from my old fashioned card swap, but I've been so busy working on my son's house but it's never too late to share some sweet cards with you. This was my 4th year for hosting this fun swap, and I swear, the talents out there get better each year. These are not cards anymore, each one is a small token of love, art and giving. Thank you all, for joining and sharing, I hope you come back next year, my mailbox trips won't be the same now! Bloggers and Farmgirls are the best!!

My son's house is coming along NICELY and just in time for his fiance's first visit here, at least the house will feel more lived in and cozy. She is due to arrive tomorrow evening and the whole family will gather here to meet her and feast on a big turkey meal saturday night. I'm so excited! I'm equally excited over the progress we've made on the house in the last few weeks. Every room got a fresh coat of paint, some white, some not, photos soon will reveal our work. A new wood floor got laid in the kitchen and combined with a red accent wall paired with the gold walls really warmed up the kitchen space, making it the best room in the house! Stayed tuned for photos!

While I'm catching you up, a friend made my pinto bean pie and the results were OH MY STARS!!! A hit, so I'll be making one or two for the weekend so don't be shy, give it a try! And let me know what you think too! Cool beans!!


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