Monday, December 07, 2009

My Christmas Library

       Welcome to Gingerville! I collect and love gingers of all shapes and sizes, since living here they have a room of their own come Christmas, the grandkids love them too! There's something so sweet and innocent about them plus they taste good too! Cookies, tea, coffee and pancakes, yes pancakes! That's the recipe I'll be sharing on Tasty Tuesday, perfect for Christmas morning or a brunch so besure to pop back in then to snag that yummy treat!

        Boy, I can get noting by you guys, I told you it was a simple hint! Yes, the next giveaway is all about snowmen. I have the cutest snowmen towel set and ornament that will be the giftie, so get your comment in on the post for the giveaway, a winner will be chosen on Sunday.  Why snowmen you ask, well we have a slight chance of snow this week, it may not happen but sure puts you in the winter wonderland mood, doesn't it. So, why not share the spirit!


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