Sunday, December 06, 2009

Giveaway Winner & New Giveaway News


           Tis the season to give something away and I have just picked out a name from the old garden hat, and it's.......... Sharon of A Merry Heart Journal! Congrats to Sharon! Please send me your mailing info so I can pop your giftie in the mail soon.  Sharon's blog is lovely and her title says it all, you can tell her heart is merry and she loves to share her life with all who wish to visit.  One reason I love doing giveaways is you get to meet many a new bloggers, and even though Sharon isn't new to me, her blog is a keeper and one I read whenever it's been updated.  Merry Christmas Sharon!

      Now, onto the next giveaway as promised.  It's Christmas themed of course and the photo is a little hint, so to get entered, just leave a comment here with your guess as to what the giveaway giftie will be.  That simple and like the last one, I'll leave this open for a week also, ending next Sunday.  So spread the news, leave your guess and good luck to all! And to all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!  This is fun stuff! :)


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