Saturday, December 05, 2009

My Christmas Kitchen

         My favorite room in the house, and it's all ready for Christmas baking, gathering and simmering lots of Christmas cheer! I collect gingerbread anything but I also can't resist anything old, and if you look closer (click on photo to make it bigger) you can see in the box on the left, a old twinkle lamp, it was my Mom's, the only Christmas thing of hers that I have. I love it.  It's like a part of her is with us at Christmas.

   My collections grow each year, but the main ones are teapots, cookie cutters and Santas.  I also collect Christmas tins and use them all over the house as decorations, mainly in the kitchen. Christmas time is special, isn't it. I just wish this feeling would last all year round!

    Hope you've enjoyed my little kitchen tour, next stop is the library so stayed tuned! The winner for my Tis the Season giveaway will be chosen tomorrow so you still have some time to get entered. The next giveaway is already planned and I can't wait to share it, so till tomorrow, good night and sleep tight!


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