Friday, December 04, 2009

My Christmas House

          It's beginning to look alot like Christmas at my house!  And it only took my 3 days, but was so much fun, almost like Christmas day for me, unpacking all my goodies, placing them in just the right place. Funny, how you forget you had some things or found the day after specials tucked away in odd places.
The way we celebrate Christmas can be a gift in itself.  And my gift to the family, is decking the halls, creating a warm, cozy home to have the biggest celebration of the season! And a little giftie to you, upgrade your blogger editor, it's wonderful, faster and free! I found the new setting while looking for something else, so I was gifted too and let me say, I love it! It's under the basic settings I think, you'll find it.

     Just a couple of more days to get signed up for my Tis the Season giveaway, a winner will be picked on Sunday and the package will go out on Monday to make way for the next Christmas giveaway....tis the season!  Thank you all for the comments left so far, I knew you all were so crafty and loved knowing that so many make and give handmade gifts, it's so nice to know. We are cutting back this year, just on gifts, not the love! Keeping it simple and joyus for the real reason of the season!  Click on the photo above to get a larger look of my Christmas house, this is the dining room  and living room.  I'll be sharing the kitchen and library soon.  Have a ho ho ho kind of day!



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