Monday, December 14, 2009

Followers Christmas Giveaway

     This is it guys, my last giveaway for the year, but not to worry, I have many planned for the new year, at least one a month, just to show you all how much I love my visitors! And I especially love my followers, so this last giveaway is just for you, as a token of appreciation for being a fan of Country Pleasures.

     It's a easy sign up too, just leave me a comment here asking to be entered, that's it. This giveaway will be open till Dec. 27 so you have plenty of time, I took the Christmas rush into consideration so no stressing, no where! Now, if your not a follower and would like too, please by all means follow me, but don't sign up just for the giveaway then delete your followship, I only want honest fans. So, if you really, really like me, become a follower and get entered in this giveaway. I've had my numbers rise with each giveaway then decline afterwards, and that's always a little sad to see, so be serious.

       With less than 2 weeks to go, the rush is on and the stress levels are rising, but don't allow the hum bugs to take over and take away from the spirit of the season. Everything will get done, all will be happy with the gifts and family time will be just as special as you hoped.  Take some time out for you, relax and rejoice! Good luck to all and off I go to do some wrapping!


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